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What if you could use Sales Funnels to:

  • 10x your income and make passive income on autopilot
  • Create a highly converting funnel of leads, paying customers, and lifetime fans
  • Grow your business, audience, email list, and revenue streams fast

Now You Can With Mastering Sales Funnels!

Mastering Sales Funnels is an online course with my PROVEN step-by-step formula to leverage the power of funnels.

You'll learn exactly how to build highly converting sales funnels so you can make more money and build your following, business, and income just like me.

No questions or confusion. This course is literally a step-by-step guide where I hold your hand through the entire process


  • Login is always 24/7 (all digital and accessible on desktop AND mobile)
  • Literally step-by-step. No theory or unnecessary fluff
  • Plus bonuses like FREE access to our Private Facebook Mastermind Group: a community of people going through the course along with you. They will help you, support you, network with you, and more!


This is the exact system I use to make more money as my own boss doing what I love than I made while working on Wall Street! $$$$



Build Highly Converting Funnels for New Leads, Email Subscribers & Paying Customers: The strategies in this course show you exactly how to set up high-converting funnels in days

Convert Your Followers into Dollars $$$$ and Make More Money: Learn how to start selling, upselling and profiting from new revenue streams

Build & Grow Your Business to the Next Level: This course shows you how to skip the pitfalls that most if not all businesses and blogs make so you can create the financial independence and dream life you deserve!

You can do it all with the very easy-to-follow steps in this course

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What’s included in Mastering Sales & Funnels?

The course includes instant access to:

Online Course with Step-By-Step Video Modules, Incredible Bonuses, Full step-by-step training to show you EXACTLY how to build and publish sales funnels and make more $$$$. I share the exact steps I took to go from 0 to 6-figures in passive income in months!

Take a look at the Course Curriculum:


Are you ready for the same EXACT system that I used to take my income, business, email list and following to the next level?!

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Who is this course creator?

Hey guys! I’m Brendan Burns, the founder of Brendanhburns.com. I founded an online community to help people build their businesses and monetize their passions. I have the recipe for Sales Funnels success and I am here to share it with you

It's been a journey, though. I used to work on Wall Street, underpaid and overworked, staying past 2 AM most nights. Then I stumbled upon the power of Sales Funnels and making money online, and the rest is history!


Using the tools & techniques from Mastering Sales Funnels system, I make more money than I did working on Wall Street, and most importantly, it served as the foundation for my own business where I been able to leave my desk job for my passion.


So even if you are new to this and have no clue where to begin, Mastering Sales Funnels is here to ensure your success!


How do others seem to grow their income and following so easily?

I tried and tested every strategy and technique out there

Mastering Sales Funnels taught me how to take my business to the next level. In just weeks, my email list has literally skyrocketed! I am continuing to use Brendan's strategies and love watching my sales funnels convert. I can't recommend this course enough!

-Dara M.


And when I found the right approach, I started seeing results. FAST!

Since starting Mastering Sales Funnels two weeks ago, it has become my biggest source of revenue! I also get new email subscriber sign-ups and am growing my audience at a much faster rate.

- Dan A


Are you ready to CRUSH your goals?

This course is a step-by-step system to ignite your income and revenue streams. Let's make it happen!

Mastering Sales Funnels combines my very best strategies into a full-proof system that has worked for my students all over the world. I'm confident you'll LOVE the course too. But if for some reason you don't, then I’ll gladly give you a full refund within 30 full days.

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